Nutrition for my eyes.

March 28, 2015 | By Ben Vann

NormalDiscEvery year I am required to get an eye exam for the type of work that I do. My eye doctor told me as I age it is important to protect my eyes from UV light. So, I try to wear my sunglasses more and make sure the lenses on my glasses for vision have a good quality UV protection coating. He also said it is important to get proper nutrition for my eye health. Especially Omega-3 essential fatty acids says the doctor. “They help keep the membrane in back of the eye where the optic nerve lies soft and supple. Without good nutrition the membrane is prone to losing it’s elasticity.” The picture below is like the one he took of my eyes. In my picture there is a slight darkening near the optic nerve, at the center of the picture, which is the start of damage that can lead to blurred vision. 

Moral of the story. Take care of your eyes now to keep your vision down the road. That is, so you can see the road. 

You can get more info at the link below.




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