The Mighty Mineral Magnesium

April 3, 2017 | By Laura Vann

rencontre 61150 When I was looking for a solution for leg cramps, I thought of how people would say to eat bananas for the potassium, so I looked up minerals… And I was introduced to the super power of magnesium. Now it’s my go-to for so many ailments. Once I started added magnesium through tablets, liquid, transdermal oil and soaking in Epsom baths, I notice not only my leg cramps dissipate, but constipation as well. Magnesium is a spark plug for health and energy! Do you need more energy? I know I do!!
Over 80% of us are deficient. Standard blood tests do not give an accurate picture as most of our magnesium is in our cells and only about 1% is in our blood. If you want to test, an RBC (red blood cell) test is the way to go or a hair mineral test can offer answers as well, but truly, the best diagnostic is assessing your symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms I recommend that you give the appropriate type of magnesium a fair try.

Your Domain Name • Insomnia  • Cold hands and feet • Irritability  • Brain fog • Depression  • Allergies • Anxiety   • Poor memory • Muscle cramps   • Calcium deficiency • Infertility   • Carbohydrate cravings • Stress  • Constipation • Headaches  • Gut issues • Painful periods  • Kidney stones • Fatigue  • Hyper/hypothyroidism • Restless Legs Syndrome  • PMS

site de rencontre flirt forum Ways to add magnesium:
I was surprised to find not only how many issues were helped by this modest mineral but how many kinds of magnesium there are as well as ways to get it in. I take a tablet of magnesium glycinate as well as magnesium citrate daily. In the evening, I take an ionic liquid magnesium with other minerals. Magnesium is often not well absorbed by the gut, especially when there’s bacteria and candida present, and absorption may be impaired especially if you suffer from colitis or leaky gut syndrome, so I make sure to get my magnesium in a number of methods besides internally as well.
An easy and low cost way to absorb magnesium is through the skin since it doesn’t need to go thru the digestion process. I spray myself down with magnesium oil before I go sit in my sauna. If you are prone to muscle cramps, massaging mag oil into your calves before bed can help you avoid that fly-out-of-the-bed war dance that comes with a calf cramp! You can buy magnesium oil sprays but I found it easy to make it myself for a lot less money. Here’s a great one! make-your-own-magnesium-oil
To help me sleep I like to take an Epsom salt bath. This is magnesium sulfate. It’s awesome to soothe muscles, relieve headaches and help with anxiety. If you cannot take a bath, make a foot bath and soak your feet (they are highly absorbent).

Increasing your intake of magnesium rich foods is an easy way to gain more of the health benefits from this powerhouse mineral. Some of my favorites are: Almonds, spinach, chard and other dark leafy greens, brown rice, millet and quinoa, avocado and…wait for it…dark chocolate!! You’re welcome!! 
Imagine after hot bath with Epsom salts and a few essential oils (a few of my faves: cedarwood, geranium, bay laurel and lavender) to relax your muscles and mood, you get into bed and drift away AND you don’t fly out of the bed with a calf cramp! Your bowel movements start to regulate and you’re not getting headaches…Hmmm perhaps your PMS might also be a symptom of your body needing more magnesium too. Its almost too easy!
Let’s celebrate with a piece of dark chocolate Low Carb Keto Fudge
To really throw a party in honor of magnesium make a yummy guacamole and black bean soup, unless you are a Paleo/low carb/keto eater and then step away from the beans! And add some raw pumpkin seeds. Chocolate, avocado, black beans and many yummy foods can increase your intake of Magnesium.

Hope you enjoyed learning about this powerful mineral. Get ready to be a better version of you!


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