Flagging on Half Dome

June 25, 2014 | By Laura Vann

my link I love to flag! It is an expression of love and gratitude…a way that I worship my Creator for giving me this fabulous life I now live. It is also a form of prayer and intercession for people. At the top of half dome I chose my “fire” flags as a prophetic symbolism to move the energy over California, to light a fire under the people, to set new things in motion and burn off the chaff to make room for the new. In Chinese thinking, the element of fire is persistence and strength. It is about an upward movement and expansive energy. I pray for a new hunger for more of God, more of what is right and good and that people will have a desire and willingness to break off apathy and mediocrity and allow the branches that are not bearing fruit to be pruned and thrown into the fires. It is my hope for a spiritual awakening in California.

bochum kennenlernen

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