Imagine Life Fit, Healthy and Sane

Wanna look better, be healthier and have more energy this year?

read Of course you do, but if you are like me you can’t bear the idea of another diet to get excited about and then fizzle on…Personally, when I go on a diet, all I can think about is all the things I’m not allowed to eat, or how much fun I am not going to have at the movies or out with the girls.

Stop dieting, counting calories and depriving yourself of your favorites.

look what i found Stop trying to rely on your will power! It’s not about needing a food cop and locking away the Oreos the kids’ love, but rather about making healthier substitutions, exploring unfamiliar, good for you foods and minimizing your trips to the cookie jar! If you are like me, you have started on the road to Wellville, paved with good intentions, and high hopes of wearing something besides babydolls and black leggings, only to find yourself ready to chew somebody’s legs off a week later. You think you are just weak and lacking will power or you blame it on that time of the month. So, it continues… our love hate relationship with dieting. The good news, for me, is that I never gave up the quest for Wellville. Oh, I hid under a few rocks and got lost in my share of Doritos bags and donned the God awful spanxs and declined many invitations to the lake with friends…but I can honestly say that through years of vanity and willpower, a desire to not put another of my favorite outfits in the Goodwill pile, lots of research, trial and error, I can honestly say I have found what works for me. The goal is to be fit, healthy and sane! (And I know you are with me when I say, I will not be sane if you deny me the chocolate!)

More Help (Disclaimer: If you approach me on the 27th day and I have not had my chocolate fix…I cannot guarantee the sane part! I will give you the same grace!)

If your goal is to be fit, healthy and sane, then hang out with me here.

this content I will share with you some secrets that helped get me there. I know that I know that I know…they will get you there too. Forget about dieting and deprivation. You can put away your willpower cuz you won’t be needing it (it doesn’t last long anyway).I will be blogging as well as doing some live workshops and webinars on some of the following topics. Would love to hear from you if you are interested in something specific.

  • How to Focus on Wellness rather than Weight
  • How to Lose Weight by Adding to What you eat Rather than Taking Away From It
  • Optimal Wellness Using Herbs and Essential oils
  • How to Exercise without a Gym
  • Understanding your Metabolism
  • Hormonal Happenings
  • Detoxify and Cleanse
  • Mental Wellness
  • Healthy Substitutions
  • Recipes
  • Self Care Rituals
Armed with info from these and other topics, you will be well on your way to being fit, healthy and sane too. Health is your wealth, guard it with knowledge.

Here’s to vibrant living!